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30 June 2007 @ 11:59 pm


This journal was created to house the fangirling and fansqueeling of tamswitter and snowflakie06, otherwise known as Tams and Christine. It's going to house some interesting stuff relating to the show and cast members as well as lots of fangirly stuff like icons, caps, etc. Our guess would be even fanfic may transpire.

We know the show only goes on for ten episodes, which in our mind is a great disapointment, however.

This post will stay on top to welcome new friends, new fans and everything else. Below this there will be interesting posts. Caps, transcripts and historical information to follow. Keep your eyes open over the next few weeks as we try to fill this journal up with information.

Thanks for visiting,

snowflakie06 and tamswitter
28 June 2007 @ 09:14 am
You can support The Tudors even in it's downtime and here are two examples how:

1. Buy one or both of the books. The first one I know has the screenplays for the first five episodes, I'm not entirely sure what the second one (which won't be released until November) is but I'm hoping it's the screenplays for episodes 6-10.

The Tudors: It's Good to Be King | The Tudors: The King, the Queen, and the Mistress

2. Buy the DVD. Unfortunately the release date of the DVD is still unknown but you can set it up so Amazon.com will notify you when it is.

The Tudors - Season 1

The second season of The Tudors is currently being filmed.
13 June 2007 @ 12:29 pm
O'Toole Lands Papal Role

Movie veteran Peter O'Toole is to play Pope Paul III in the second season of hit U.S. historical drama The Tudors. The Pope clashed with Henry VIII as the English king, portrayed by Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers, over the ruler's divorce from his first wife Catherine of Aragon. The famous fight resulted in the historic break between England and the Roman Catholic Church. O'Toole is reportedly scheduled to shoot his scenes for the hit drama later this year.


My (snowflakie06's) thoughts on the casting: I've seen Peter O'Toole play a bishop in Joan of Arc back in 1998 and I really enjoyed it, a lot of which was because of him. I look forward to seeing him on The Tudors, I'm sure he'll do marvelously!
12 June 2007 @ 01:38 am
First off I would just like to say that this joint account has in no means been forgotten, I for one have been busy yet still completely devoted to The Tudors. I believe that Tams was waiting until all ten episodes have aired to watch them all in a marathon so as to not be left with a sense of longing for the next episode (although I think she shall be longing for the second season once she watches them all). I don't know when she will be having her marathon but I have just finished watching the season finale and must say I enjoyed it immensely and am glad that it is not going to be left at that! I do wish however that they had filmed more episodes for the first season.

Coming up shortly now that most of my family celebrations are over for the next few months, are the rest of the Image Nations, caps for the rest of the episodes, icons, possibly some hand drawn artwork, maybe a short fic here and there as well as some goodies for those who have friended this account. I hope you all enjoyed the first season of The Tudors as well as what is coming your way with this account!
15 April 2007 @ 12:34 am
Just a quick note to say that there's a lot of stuff going on in our lives right now but things that are coming up are:

Image Nation 102 (should be up late Sunday night/early Monday morning)
Crack Nation 102
103 Screencaps (should be up Sunday afternoon)

And of course, a lot more!

Again, if you have ShowTime, watch the third episode of The Tudors tonight, Sunday!

~Christine and Tams
08 April 2007 @ 03:48 pm
Happy Easter everyone!

Don't forget to tune in to watch the Tudors tonight if you have ShowTime ;)
06 April 2007 @ 05:07 pm

So you know me and snowflakie06 are going to do episode reviews for each episode of The Tudors. snowflakie06 is going to be doing actual reviews and I'm going to do my take on them. For example, if they were set today. I'm also going to be throwing my own quotes in there, just for the fun of it. So her episodes are titled: Image Nation. Mine are going to be "The Tudors: Crack Nation". We're going to be having fun. I'm also going to be throwing in historical facts too, because I'm like that. And I'm a geek.

I apologize for all those on dialup. I got a little carried away with pictures =)

So onwards, episode 1 - The Tudors; Crack Nation.

In the beginning...168 picturesCollapse )

Seeyas on the flipside!!
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05 April 2007 @ 11:33 pm
+No Hotlinking or Stealing
+Credit snowflakie06 or thetudors_viii

The Tudors : Episode 102
Amount : 1,108 caps
Episode : Whole Episode
Size : 608 x 352 pixels
Format : JPG

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Click on their name for the link to their imdb.com page

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Golden Globe Award-winning actor – as young Henry VIII.
Jonathan Rhys Meyers was born July 27, 1977, in Dublin, Ireland. He and his family moved to County Cork, Ireland, when the actor was nearly a year old, and then, at the age of 3, his father left the family, leaving his mother to care for Jonny and his 3 younger brothers alone.

Rhys Meyers grew up with a tumultuous childhood, spending some time in an orphanage and being permanently expelled from school at age 16. Happy to be out of school, he began spending time in a local pool hall where he was discovered by Hubbard Casting. The casting agents were talent-spotting for the David Puttnamproduction of War of the Buttons (1994)_ , and asked Rhys Meyers to appear for an audition. After three days of auditions, however, he did not get the role, and Rhys Meyers gave up on his acting aspirations. Soon afterward, he received a call to audition for a national ad campaign for Knorr soup, and though embarrassed by the attention from the ad, he soon found himself considered for a major film. His movie acting debut was a very small role in the film Man of No Importance, A (1994)_ ,where his simple cast credit is as First Young Man. His first lead role was in the film Disappearance of Finbar,1996)_ . During a 6-month postponement in production he returned home to Cork and there received a call about the film Michael Collins (1996)_ . He traveled to Dublin to meet with director Neil Jordan (I) and successfully won the role of Collins's assassin. Jordan wrote about his meeting with the actor, "I have found someone to play Collin's (sic) killer. Jonathan Rees-Myers (sic), from County Cork, apparently, who looks like a young Tom Cruise. [He] Comes into the casting session with alarming certainty. Obviously gifted."

Rhys Meyers continued working constantly from that point and appeared in such films as Maker, 1997)_ , Telling Lies in America (1997)_ , and Tribe, The (1998) (TV)_ . Going on to film Governess, The (1998)_ ,B. Monkey (1998)_ , Titus (1999)_ and Ride with the Devil 1999/I)_ , he has received critical acclaim for several performances, most notably as Brian Slade in Velvet Goldmine (1998)_ , as Steerpike in the British mini series "Gormenghast" (2000)(mini)_ , and as a sympathetic football coach in Bend It Like Beckham (2002)_ . Rhys Meyers is also a talented singer and musician, having performed his own vocals in "Velvet Goldmine" and appearing on the film's soundtrack. Rhys Meyers still resides in County Cork, Ireland.

Who he's played...Collapse )

Random Jonathan Quote:
"You get on a set and immediately people are wiping your ass for you, and nobody tells you when you're being an asshole. I'm sure nobody working for Tom Cruise would turn around and say, 'Tom, don't do that anymore because you're a dickhead to do that'. Actually, he might quite like it".
04 April 2007 @ 12:59 am
One of the special parts of this journal is that tamswitter and I, snowflakie06, will both be doing picspam reviews of each episode! I don't know for sure about her but I'll also be doing reviews of the episodes without the pictures for those without dialup or who just don't want to scroll past images :)

We meet to consider questions of great momentCollapse )